2020疫情英语作文 2020新型肺炎英语作文

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  A few days ago, I got to know something through the picture book of coronavirus sent by my teacher. Its a kind of virus transferred from animals to human body! This virus has infected many people now, most of the infected people will have fever, cough, dyspnea, serious life-threatening!


  Now there are many doctors and nurses who are risking their lives to treat patients every day. They are very, very hard! So if we want to help them, we can only fight against the virus if we protect ourselves. You must remember that you must wear masks and wash your hands frequently when you go out. Do not go to crowded places! After the Spring Festival, we can go to school and play happily!


  I know that only by doing it myself can I do no harm to others! Also hope that the sick uncles and aunts can recover soon!



  This winter vacation, the sudden new pneumonia disrupted the pace of people's celebration of the Spring Festival, especially in Wuhan, a serious epidemic area, a large number of people's livelihood diseases led to doctors' emergency, beds' emergency, medical supplies' emergency, and a war without gunpowder is starting.


  The virus has no lover. Every change of the epidemic affected the hearts of the people of the whole country and even the people of the world: neighboring Japan not only did not refuse Chinese tourists to enter China, but also gave a large number of medical materials to our country; overseas students tried their best to raise masks and transport them back to China at the first time; medical students and nurses from all over the world left their families and rushed to the front line to cure the disease and save the people, and they worked day and night, tired and trapped Lying on the table and resting on the ground for a while, Huzhou's 83 year old grandfather made a living by picking up rubbish, but he did not hesitate to donate the ten thousand yuan saved by frugality; an uncle from Anhui ran into the police station, threw 500 masks, turned around and left, silently giving his love


  Looking at the warm stories on the Internet, I am deeply moved and would like to offer a love and do my best to help those in need. However, I have neither protective equipment to donate, nor the ability to cure the disease and save people. What should I do? Just when I was sad, Dad smiled and pointed out a way for me - online donation. So, I quickly took out 130 yuan of class scholarship that I earned through my hard work last semester, and asked my father to donate through the online donation platform of Ningbo Charity Federation. After receiving it, the Charity Federation gave me a donation certificate! Although the money was not much, it was my own income from labor, which represented my intention.


  I believe that the difficulty is only temporary. Through our joint efforts, we will win the war against the virus and usher in a warm spring day as soon as possible.



  A novel coronavirus outbreak broke out in Wuhan during the Spring Festival. At one point, the epidemic began to spread along with the movement of Spring Festival transportation, which led to the spread of the epidemic outside Hubei province. At this critical moment, under the command of President Xi, the epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. China has launched a sniper fight against the epidemic.


  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, doctors from Wuhan and other supporting medical teams from all over the country have rushed to the front line to fight against the virus and save lives. Medical staff sleep on the floor and protect their patients, and they are confident of their diagnosis. Medical staff work round the clock, eat simple meals in the face of shortage of resources, and sleep on the floor when they are sleepy. They do not want to go to the toilet without taking off protective clothing, and they are thirsty and do not drink water. Seeing this scene, my eyes moistened with emotion. At ordinary times, novel coronavirus is not my concern, I don't know why I call them angels in white. Today, I understand that they are the patron saint of life. They turn their heads in front of the new coronavirus and put their personal safety aside. They are the greatest people, and I want to pay tribute to them.


  At the time of this crisis, a familiar figure came out again. He is academician Zhong Nanshan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In the period of SARS in 2003, he stood up to doctors and said, "send all the severe patients to me". This time, he said the same thing, but what people didn't know was that the hard work of academician Zhong Nanshan in treating patients was hidden behind this sentence. I saw the interview program of academician Zhong Nanshan on TV. His speech gave us confidence to win the epidemic. Wuhan will win, China will win!


  Help comes from all quarters of China. When the number of infected people is increasing, Xi Jinping has issued instructions to prevent and control strictly and fight against the epidemic campaign. When more serious cases are increasing, medical supplies are almost gone. At that time, Chinese provinces and autonomous regions donated medical materials to Wuhan, and doctors who sent out support for Wuhan, and one side had difficulties in helping all sides, this move made me moved.


  According to preliminary investigation, the virus comes from wild animals, so we need to control our mouths. Do not kill wild animals, do not eat wild animals!


  I believe that with the efforts of the angel in white and the unity and struggle of the whole nation, Wuhan will surely reappear its former glory, and all people will not have to stay at home or be attacked by the evil spirits. Let's go out of the house and feel the beauty of spring flowers.


  I would like to pay tribute to the angel in white! Cheer for you! May you be safe and overcome the epidemic as soon as possible!


  Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!

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